Sanctuary ‘Raising the Roof’

Date published: 12/16/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Stephen Douglas

The Sanctuary for Independent Media’s fifth year is coming to a close and it is having a party to celebrate. On Saturday night The Sanctuary will hold its final Raise the Roof event of the year.

"Community groups to use virtual reality to improve Troy's North Central/Uptown neighborhood during Sunday workshop"

Date published: 11/06/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Cecelia Martinez

TROY — A number of community organizations are coming together to use virtual reality to imagine a better future for their neighborhood at a workshop this Sunday at the Sanctuary for Independent Media. Using photos of buildings in a …

"Sanctuary Keeping it Creative"

Date published: 11/16/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Phil Drew

Five years into its mission, even the founders of Troy’s Sanctuary for Independent Media concede that mission isn’t always easy to define.

“Sometimes it is hard to communicate,” says Steve Pierce, director of the Sanctuary. “People coming …

"Nonconformist Blues to chase the devil away"

Date published: 06/10/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Don Wilcock
Joe Abbey is a white, self-proclaimed agnostic who also happens to be the lead guitarist in an otherwise all African American regional gospel group, The Heavenly Echoes.

Far from being the infidel in a field of holy men, …

"Sanctuary for Independent Media a safe haven for creative minds"

Date published: 02/28/2010
Publication: Albany Times Union

By TOM KEYSER, Staff writer

When administrators at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute expelled an exhibition two years ago because of concerns it was connected to terrorists, the exhibition quickly found a home. The Sanctuary for Independent Media opened its arms.

"Around Town: Graphic novels celebrated at Sanctuary"

Date published: 05/06/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Bob Goepfert
The Record

If your mother ever told you that you were wasting your time reading comic books, you might want to bring her to the Sanctuary for Independent Media in Troy over this Mother’s Day weekend. They are …

Sanctuary celebrates counter-cultural comix

Date published: 05/06/2010
Publication: Albany Times Union

World War Three Illustrated is so much more than a comic book. It’s an anthology of left-wing visual thought on the politics of our day. Since 1980, it has attempted to “shine a little reality on the fantasy world of the American kleptocracy.” …

"The Revolution Will Be Illustrated"

Date published: 05/20/2010
Publication: Metroland

America’s longest-running political comic celebrates 30 years of graphic rebellion in Troy

By Kathryn Geurin

On a tired block of North Troy’s 6th Avenue, the double doors of a modest church open onto an unusual sanctuary. Empty of pews, …

"African ‘blues’ artist coming to Troy"

Date published: 03/18/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Don Wilcock

Two days before he plays Carnegie Hall and a week after doing several
dates with renowned banjo player Bela Fleck’s Africa Project, African
artist Bassekou Kouyate and his band Ngoni Ba will play Troy’s
Sanctuary for …

"History comes alive in Troy story"

Date published: 02/25/2010
Publication: Troy Record

By Phil Drew

Affixed to the exterior of a building on State Street in downtown 
Troy, within sight of the YWCA building on First Street, is a simple 
bronze plaque paying tribute to an event in local history that, this  …

"Director speaks about dark comedy 'My Suicide'"

Date published: 04/29/2010
Publication: Albany Times Union

By Elizabeth Floyd Mair

In the feature film “My Suicide: A Self-Inflicted Comedy,” a teenage boy announces in media class that he plans to kill himself on camera as his final project. Some classmates cheer him on and encourage him to …

Metroland cover article: The Revolution Will Be Illustrated

We’re excited and honored that the Capital Region’s altweekly, Metroland, chose to feature our current gallery show, a 30-year retrospective of political comics and graphic art by the NYC-based World War 3 Illustrated collective, on its cover this week!

You can read the full story at http://metroland.net/features.html, but the online …

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