"Sanctuary mixes genres, but not message"

Date published: 11/03/2009
Publication: Troy Record

By Bob Goepfert

The Sanctuary for Independent Media has a curious name that makes the organization sound a bit spiritual and at the same time a bit rebellious.

That is appropriate as the not-for-profit is located in an old church …

"Black Panther Robert Hillary King tells his story"

Date published: 04/09/2009
Publication: Albany Times Union

By Tom Keyser

Robert Hillary King spent nearly three decades in solitary confinement at the notorious Angola state prison in Louisiana. As a member of the Black Panther Party, he and two party members became nationally known as the Angola 3 — …

"Iraqi Children make art from war"

Date published: 03/20/2009
Publication: Albany Times Union

By Danielle Furfaro

The three Iraqi teenage girls show up at the library wearing red and black. The red, they explain, symbolizes the blood of dead Iraqis. The black represents the tears and sadness of their country.

Shahad Jassim, …

"'Upstate Girl' finds voice in photography"

Date published: 02/12/2009
Publication: Troy Record

‘Upstate Girl’ finds voice in photography

By Bob Goepfert The Record

Brenda Ann Kenneally has an addictive personality. That addiction has produced “Upstate Girls: What Became of the Collar City,” which opens Saturday at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 …

"Exhibit looks at women in poverty"

Date published: 02/08/2009
Publication: Schenectady Daily Gazette

Exhibit looks at women in poverty
By Sara Foss


TROY — A young woman named Dana Aftab wanders through a cramped hallway, gazing at blank white walls that will soon be covered with pictures. Dozens of photographs …

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