Cooking–of whatever kind, everyday or extreme–situates us in the world in a very special place, facing the natural world on one side and the social world on the other. The cook stands squarely between nature and culture, conducting a process of translation and negotiation. Both nature and culture are transformed by the work. And in the process, I discoverd, so is the cook. 

 –Michael Pollan, Cooked

KitchenSanctuary is the heartbeat of all Sanctuary activities. The kitchen feeds our initiatives, keeping volunteers and neighbors happy with healthy, mostly homegrown whole foods. Sharing meals together deepens our community bond and gives us another avenue for sharing our tapestry of cultures with one another. 

KitchenSanctuary is activated for all Sanctuary events, and goes into over-drive during our summer youth programming when Collard City Growers is in peak production and we have lots of hungry program participants. 

If you want to help cook, donate food, or have some other way you’d like to contribute, please let us know at info(at)  

Have a front row seat by checking out the videos we produce right here: VIDEOS