The Sanctuary’s mission is to “use art and participatory action to promote social and environmental justice and freedom of creative expression.”  In North Central Troy, one of NY State’s most economically disadvantaged communities, centuries of bad industrial practices have poisoned our soil and water.  CCG is a living learning laboratory where food justice and food apartheid is intertwined with environmental justice. Here, we collaborate with our community to convert a once-forgotten space into an edible landscape that promotes solidarity and accessibility to nutritious food. Looking for ways to get involved? Contact:

Here at The Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Central Troy, NY, let us remember whose land we are on: just feet from our door, a Mohican village named Unawat’s Castle had a sacred burial ground. The Stockbridge-Munsee Mohicans were forced by colonial policies of the United States government, to leave their homes on our shore of the Hudson River, relocated from Troy to Massachusetts to Wisconsin. Mohican means “People from the waters that are never still.”