Initiative: NATURE Lab

The Critters of Collard City Growers

Small livestock provide many benefits for the garden. They’re calming to watch and care …

Uptown Summer 2020 – Media & Design

Uptown Summer 2020 participated in media and design projects as part of their work …

Lawn (Re)Disturbance Laboratory Sound Walk

What kind of biodiversity can lawn ecosystems support? This fall, Lawn Lab offers a meditative audio tour for slowing down and tuning in to the urban rewilding taking place at the lawn next door to Media Sanctuary’s Collard City Growers.

The twenty minute audio tour guides you through simple activities for engaging with …

Water Justice Confluence

Dec. 12
Water Justice Confluence

Indigenous Voices at the Intersection of Environmental & Social Justice Podcast Series


The podcast series, Indigenous Voices at the Intersection of Environmental & Social Justice, is a collection of interviews by Anna Steltenkamp. The series seeks to decolonize and diversify the voice of media by prioritizing the voices of Indigenous leaders, as well as Indigenous-led organizations and initiatives, that are working …

People’s Science Interview

Kathy High, NATURE Lab correspondent, interviews Erin Blanding, reporter for People’s Science, a series …

Black August People’s Clinic

Aug. 21
Black August People’s Clinic

People’s Science #6 – Dr. Raquel Velho

Episode 6 of People’s Science features Dr. Raquel Velho, assistant professor in Science and …

Water Justice Lab

The Water Justice Lab (WJL) launched in the midst of the pandemic in June, 2020. This three-year collaboration between Riverkeeper and Media Sanctuary will establish a water quality sampling lab in the NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center.  WJL will educate diverse communities about water justice and how to make a difference, develop …

Erin Blanding

Erin Blanding is a sophomore Benjamin N. Duke scholar at Duke University from Indian …

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10/20/2020 – 11/20/2020
Lawn (Re)Disturbance Laboratory Sound Walk
Nov. 08
Garlic Planting and Herbal Remedies
Nov. 10
Norlite Town Hall Meeting III: Signature Edition

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