Become a Sanctuary Sustainer!

We are so grateful for all the creativity, hours, equipment, expertise, and dollars shared with the Sanctuary by our community. Moving into our second decade, we’re working toward financial sustainability. Please consider committing even a small amount monthly to help us forecast our budget and let us know that you are dedicated to keeping the Sanctuary doors open for future generations.


Click here, enter the amount you’d like to donate and check “Make my payment a recurring payment.”


Meet some of our current Sustainers:


“I am extremely proud to support the Sanctuary and think that anybody who desires to be part of an empowering and creative community should too!! In these strange, globalized times where it seems impossible for citizens to directly affect change The Sanctuary moves forward tirelessly to promote all things Good. It is a unique place with a ‘can do’ attitude that supports a diversity of functions in the community that contribute directly to increasing quality of Life for all. My son, Ember, is new to this world and it is heartwarming to know he will have the great fortune of growing up at the Sanctuary. Is there any good reason not to support the Sanctuary’s mission? Tune in to 105.3 WOOC, come have a home-cooked, homegrown meal and dance to amazing international sounds, or pick a fragrant bouquet of flowers and herbs from one of our gardens and you will be as excited about the future as we are.”


Christian Grigoraskos is a Troy-based entrepreneur, permaculture farmer, and father.  With his partner Azuré, Christian is the founder of Trojan Trikes. The two also head up Collard City Growers–the Sanctuary’s community gardens and food forest.



“I’m giving a recurring monthly donation to the Sanctuary, and you should too! There is no other organization in the area that I’m prouder to support – they’ve got so many things going, the great music, film, and creative activist presentations, Collard City Growers, Freedom Square, Youth Media Sanctuary, Uptown Summer, NATURE Lab… and now, FINALLY! WOOC 105.3 FM! A hyper local, progressive alternative to the endless snooty and self-consciously centrist “white-splaining” that has become public radio. Hooray for WOOC. Please make your recurring tax-deductible contribution to help support The Sanctuary for Independent Media today!”

Igor Vamos, also known as Mike Bonanno, is from the group of creative activist media ninjas called “The Yes Men.” He is also a Sanctuary board member and Guggenheim-award winning artist.




I’m a Sustainer because the Sanctuary is more than a nonprofit, it’s a family of individuals from different classes, ethnicities, educations, and specialities. Now more than ever our community is extremely important. All over the nation we are seeing a rise in racially motivated violence, police brutality, and destruction of the environment. The media paints a picture of a racial war but here we are living proof that our differences make us strong!”


Alycia Bacon is a writer, photographer, former pageant queen, and Mixed Martial Arts fighter.





Azure ember

“The Sanctuary is my refuge from a society too often fueled by skewed values and backwards thinking. Sanctuarians teach individuals to productively question the status quo while offering a platform to explore, express, and share their findings through a variety of media. I look forward to my children growing up here — learning from a diverse, intergenerational mix of positive thinkers and activists. Where else can you go to garden, cook, learn to mosaic, dance to live music, see an art exhibit, make media, and help the community all in one day? I happily donate my time, skills, and dollars to the Sanctuary because I want it to continue thriving ’til the end of time! Even a nominal monthly donation will go far! Do it!”

Azuré Keahi is a Troy-based artist, permaculture farmer, and mother. With her partner Christian, Azuré heads up Collard City Growers–the Sanctuary’s community gardens and food forest.



Andrew Lynn

“The Sanctuary is an amazing community of people and a manifestation of ideals put into creative practice. There are now places in Troy where it will cost you $10 to buy a single glass of beer. It is a no-brainer to make a place in our monthly budgets to support the Sanctuary. I do what I can to ensure that grassroots spaces like the Sanctuary and the Troy Bike Rescue become evolving institutions of justice and solidarity as we continue to envision a better world and struggle against environmental destruction, white supremacy, media monopolization, and the homogenizing influences of pop culture. Join me! Become a Sanctuary Sustainer today!!”


Andrew Lynn is a professor, an arborist, and the founder of the Troy Bike Rescue.