The Story of Plastic with filmmaker Deia Schlosberg and Judith Enck

Date(s) - Friday 05/15/2020
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


4:00-5:30 PM | Workshop with filmmakers: Media activist reflections from #ShutItDown Pipeline Protest and Beyond, with Deia  
6:00 PM | Community meal / Plastic InfoShare with The Story of Stuff Project and Beyond Plastics

The Story of Plastic is a seething expose uncovering the ugly truth behind the current global plastic pollution crisis. Director/Producer Deia Scholosberg will be present for her film, with guest Judith Enck from Beyond Plastics. Co-sponsored by Beyond Plastics

Striking footage shot over three continents illustrates the ongoing catastrophe: fields full of garbage, veritable mountains of trash; rivers and seas clogged with waste; and skies choked with the poisonous runoff from plastic production and recycling processes with no end in sight. Original animations, interviews with experts and activists, and never-before-filmed scenes reveal the disastrous consequences of the flood of plastic smothering ecosystems and poisoning communities around the world – and the global movement rising up in response.

The Story of Plastic is a production of The Story of Stuff Project, a nonprofit dedicated to changing the way that we make, use, and throw away Stuff so that it is more sustainable, healthy, and fair. Since 2007 the nonprofit’s nine award-winning animated movies have garnered more than 50 million online views around the world and inspired a million-member global community to take action for systemic change. The Story of Stuff Project is a member of #breakfreefromplastic, a global movement envisioning a future free from plastic pollution. To learn more about the push for lasting solutions to the plastic pollution crisis, visit and


Deia Schlosberg

Deia Schlosberg (DIRECTOR/PRODUCER) made national news in October, 2016, when she was arrested and charged with 45 years’ worth of felonies for filming the #ShutItDown pipeline protest in North Dakota. Part of a worrying pattern of attacks on journalistic freedom, her case led to an open letter to President Barack Obama co-signed by 30 celebrities. Deia produced Josh Fox’s climate change film, How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can’t Change (Sundance/HBO). Deia also co-produced Awake, A Dream from Standing Rock (Tribeca/Netflix), and The Reluctant Radical (2018). Deia also co-directed and produced Cold Love. Her short film, Backyard, a look at the human impacts of fracking, won two student Emmys (Best Documentary, Bricker Humanitarian Award).


Judith Enck

Judith Enck is a Senior Fellow and Visiting Faculty member at Bennington College, where she teaches classes on plastic pollution and is the founder of Beyond Plastics. Beyond Plastics works with community leaders on issues related to plastic pollution and trains college students to become informed and active on environmental issues.

She recently was a Visiting Scholar at Pace Law School. Appointed by President Obama, she served as the Regional Administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency overseeing environmental protection in NY, NJ, 8 Indian Nations, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. Working with a staff of 800 and managing a $700 million budget, Judith secured a number of environmental accomplishments during her tenure at EPA.

She has worked on environmental and energy issues related to Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the U S Virgin Islands, serving on the Governor’s Hurricane Recovery and Resiliency Advisory Committee in the US Virgin Islands.

Judith previously served as Deputy Secretary for the Environment in the New York Governor’s Office and served as a Policy Advisor to the New York State Attorney General. Prior to that, she was Senior Environmental Associate with the New York Public Interest Research Group. She also served as the Executive Director of Environmental Advocates of New York. She is a past President of Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, former Executive Director of the Non-Profit Resource Center and a designer of her rural town’s recycling program.

She is a commentator on WAMC, a National Public Radio station and a panelist on the “Roundtable,” a weekly public affairs radio show.
Judith serves on the Advisory Board of Climate Action Now, The Institute for Health and the Environment at the Albany School of Public Health and Sustainable Westchester. She is active with the Hoosick Falls Support Network, working to bring clean drinking water to a region impacted by toxic contamination.

She lives in upstate New York with her husband and is a parent.


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