People’s Health Sanctuary presents: Dying with Dignity

Date(s) - Tuesday 03/16/2021
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm


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As a result of COVID-19, far too many New Yorkers have been forced to confront death, spurring what used to be uncomfortable, avoidable discussions about life and death issues among family and friends. What death looks like, when it comes, is something far too many of us now think about regularly yet many of us remain awkward about discussing. 

Advance care planning can help ensure that you get the care that you want at the end of life, but terminally ill New Yorkers don’t have the full range of options that our neighbors in New Jersey and Vermont, and 8 other US jurisdictions have: the right to medical aid in dying.  Nearly 20% of people living in the United States have access to this compassionate end-of-life care option, which allows terminally ill, mentally capable adults with six months or less to live to ask their doctor for a prescription they can take to avoid needless suffering and die peacefully on their own terms. 

Participants will discuss what it means to have a “good death,” explore what advance care planning means and what tools exist to help put those plans in place, and learn about the option of medical aid in dying.

This event is part of the “End-of-Life in the Age of Covid” series of virtual conversations every  6 weeks presented by People’s Health Sanctuary. 

Corinne Carey is the NYS Campaign Director for Compassion & Choices, an organization dedicated to advocating for end-of-life care and medical aid in dying.




People’s Health Sanctuary‘s goal is to establish a central space to share health skills, provide basic integrative care and explore ways to build networks of community health. We are celebrating a year of organizing around this project, initiated under the organizing name Health Autonomy Clinic and after listening sessions with our surrounding community, re-named People’s Health Sanctuary. Our goal is to embrace models of open sharing of health knowledge, and empower all of the growing collective of community members to seek their independent health goals, as opposed to the traditional, hierarchical top-down approach of clinical medical practice. Though caring for our elders, our children, or cooking soul-nourishing food for family or friends may not be deemed ‘real’ healthcare, they know that in fact, it’s what holds us together and keeps us sane. Our growing network sharing skills to build a space where creative, joyful health is possible and accessible.

In this current crisis, we are more than even committed to the potential that People’s Health Sanctuary can offer.  Everyone it seems is struggling to keep up with the flood of information about the current crisis, the ways those in power are forcing us back to a “normal,” the over-reliance of the economy as a marker of anything lending towards health.  And then we have the horrific news from Georgia and Minneapolis, the killings of Ahmaud Arbery and George Floyd, a stark reminder of the crisis behind the crisis. COVID has only exacerbated the social oppression and disparities that mark the “normal” so many of the elites want to return to.  

People’s Health Sanctuary is a project of NATURE Lab with Media Sanctuary.

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