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Home Along the Hudson

In their short film “Home Along the Hudson,” Water Justice Lab Fellows, along with their media mentor, Catherine Rafferty, tell the story of growing up in North Troy, their environmental stewardship and how they are using science to protect and heal their community. The youth scientists’ story transforms negative stereotypes of the economically oppressed and environmentally devastated neighborhood into a compelling message of environmental justice and hope.

Produced by The Sanctuary for Independent Media, June 11, 2021

More about this film:

The Water Justice Lab (WJL) launched in the midst of the pandemic in June 2020. This three-year collaboration between Riverkeeper and Media Sanctuary in Troy, NY will establish a water quality sampling lab in the NATURE (North Troy Art Technology and Urban Research in Ecology) Lab Environmental Education Center. WJL will educate diverse communities about water literacy and water civics (water issues and how to make a difference), develop the advocacy capacity of the North Troy area.

WJL Youth Scientist Fellows, Lansingburgh High School students Genesis Cooper, Gabby Espada and Shansanique Pollack, are developing science and media skills to communicate WJL activities for outreach and education. Their duties include testing water samples from the river, radio and video production and strengthening the network of youth environmental justice advocates focused on water issues in the Hudson River Watershed.