Collard City Growers Garden Coordinator

Half Time: $300/week May-October

About the Position

The Garden Coordinator will be joining a three-person paid staff, working alongside a hands-on board and numerous volunteers. The successful candidate will be a self-starter who is an experienced gardener able to produce high level work with limited oversight. The role of the Garden Coordinator is to bottom-line all outdoor activities including basic maintenance of Sanctuary grounds and overseeing garden projects from planning through completion while managing volunteers and interns and coordinating with Sanctuary staff and initiatives.

This is a dynamic environment–a magnet for passionate, creative and talented people each working in their own way to make the world a better place. The Garden Coordinator should adjust to evolving needs, pivot as they arise, and must be able to relate to and build positive relationships with a wide variety of people, including those of diverse races, cultures, income levels, ages, religions, ethnicities, belief systems and gender identities.

The Garden Coordinator will report to the Executive Director—communicating needs for various supplies, preparing for volunteer groups including task lists and tips for execution, informing of issues on the block when necessary, and announcing availability of produce in season.

About Us

Most people know us as The Sanctuary for Independent Media in North Troy, NY; the official non-profit 501(c)3 is incorporated as Media Alliance. Our mission is to use art and participatory action to promote social and environmental justice and freedom of creative expression.

Since 2005 we have been building an arts and environmental education campus in North Central Troy, NY. We operate indoor and outdoor presenting and production facilities (The Sanctuary for Independent Media and Freedom Square), a radio station (WOOC 105.3 FM), community gardens (Collard City Growers), a STEM learning center (NATURE Lab), internships and youth programs (Uptown Summer and Youth Media Sanctuary).


Garden & Food Forest Care

Maintenance of property including:

  • Planning. Develop crop plans including sourcing, ordering, organizing and donation of seeds and plant stock.
  • Supply Management. Coordinate purchase of supplies with Sanctuary staff
  • Routine Care. Including, but not limited to, watering, weeding, harvesting, and propagating plant stock.
  • Sharing the Harvest. Harvest crops and deliver to Sanctuary kitchen to ensure use and distribution of produce to our communal table whether fresh, cooked, or preserved.
  • Signage. Keep log of signage needs and devise plan for creating and maintaining informational signage.
  • Collaborate. Work with existing volunteers and interns, and train newcomers.  
  • Record keeping. Maintain shareable task and time log, documenting garden tasks needed, completed, and in-process.

Supervising Block-wide Groundskeeping

Maintenance of public spaces and perimeters to city code standards, including:

  • Mowing multiple lots
  • Watering and weeding public and perimeter plantings 
  • Trash pick-up around block
  • Use of block-wide routine as an opportunity to engage and connect with surrounding neighborhood and community
  • Help coordinate livestock care (when applicable)

Coordination of Events, Workshops, and Volunteers

Utilize events and workshops as a mode for growing our volunteer base through productive community engagement, through administrative tasks, including, but not limited to:  

  • Event Promotion. Communicate with Sanctuary staff through email, social media, word-of-mouth recommendation, and flyer creation and distribution.
    • Send weekly garden-core email updates
    • Design flyers and other outreach material
  • Community Work Days. Schedule and maintain regular garden hours at least once a week.
  • Ongoing Volunteer Recruitment. Attend external community events to share information on the project.
  • Planning. Create diverse skill-building workshop curricula in the garden (e.g. monthly workshops)
  • Scheduling. Organize volunteers for routine watering and plant care, especially during peak growing season (spring/summer):
    • Key volunteers needed include:  
      • People passionate about plants and sharing their uses with the community (literally bringing them to the table).
      • People who can bring food from garden into Sanctuary and events
      • Especially in peak season, people interested in watering a couple of hours each week

Aspirational Tasks

  • Explaining different aspects of the garden, hoop house, the project overall, how-to sheets, etc.
  • Clearly stated garden rules (don’t step on the beds, proper harvesting techniques, etc).


We actively seek applicants who reflect the diversity of our community. We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and, as an organization committed to diversity and the perspective of all voices, we consider all applicants regardless of race, gender, gender identity, color, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, disability, political affiliation or national origin.

Application Process

Please email your resume and a cover letter detailing the reasons why you are an excellent fit, including 2-3 references who can speak to your abilities, to with the words “Garden Coordinator Job” in the subject line.

The application deadline is 4/26/2019. Please submit your application as soon as possible; candidate review will begin immediately upon receipt. Position is open until filled.