Uptown Summer ’14 Nature Lab Art Tables



Renee K. Panetta (Recycling and Conservation Coordinator at Guilderland Central School District) Nature Lab Day: Tuesdays 

Renee K. Panetta is the Recycling and Conservation Coordinator at Guilderland Central School District.  She believes that working with young …

Is It a Pizza?


Today’s recipe has 8-10 servings and the cost for ingredients for this recipe was $20.00! A cost of $2.00 per person! In the summer you can grow your own vegetables, which would bring down your cost.

5 tablespoons fine dry bread crumbs

“Dear Climate”; Art Opening, A Conversation with Marina Zurkow and Oliver Kellhammer

Join Dear Climate artists Marina Zurkow and Oliver Kellhammer in conversation about climate change. Learn strategies to “Befriend Climate Change,” from international environmental crises to hyper-local challenges such as brownfields, decaying urban neighborhoods, and toxic blight right here in North Troy and the Capital Region!


Eco Action in the Industrial Wasteland


Written by Holly Broderick


Brandon Ballengee creates transdiscoplinary artworks inspired from his ecological field and laboratory research. Since 1996, a central investigation focus has been the occurrence of developmental deformities and population declines among amphibians. He extends his work into local communities teaching mainly youth, …

Uptown Summer 2014 NATURE Lab in North Troy

Uptown Summer is a 5-week series of arts and sustainability activities for young people in North Troy, NY. The theme of our fourth season: is “NATURELab in North Troy.” 

With support from Rensselaer County Summer Youth Employment, neighboring teens will come together with artists, educators …


Uptown Summer 14 Nutritious Lunch Program

Support healthy, local and sustainable communities!  

“We are proud of our chefs, who have committed to prepare a healthy and delicious meal for these kids, each of the 20 days,” beckons Lecco Morris, Executive Director of Chefs’ Consortium.”With the participation of chefs who care about their local community’s health and vitality …

Spring 2014 season closed with a bang at The Sanctuary for Independent Media

The Spring 2014 season at The Sanctuary for Independent Media kicked off on March 15th with the Matthew Shipp Trio and concluded on June 7 with the Freedom Festival, featuring the Brooklyn-based Pitchblak Brass Band and Albany’s own Oobleck on the outdoor concert stage at Freedom Square.

The season featured many events ranging …

The Missing Link Street Ministry

ThMissing Link Street Ministry has involved itself in many ways with the Sanctuary for Independent Media. Located directly across the street from The Sanctuary, they started several years ago to address the rampant drug use and pervasive violence in the community. The “Missing Link” has a vision of helping …

Uptown Summer ’13

Uptown Summer ’13 in retrospect:

Making lunch

Upcoming Events
Botanical pigments process
10/24/2017 – 06/05/2018
NATURE Lab Open Hours for Art & Ecology
Mar. 20
NATURE Lab Crowdfunding Kickoff with Bio-Artist Shu Lea Cheang
04/13/2018 – 04/15/2018
Ruderal Ecologies Symposium: Grounds for Change

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