Community Workshops Spring '09

“How Will They Know Us? Building a Culture of Peace”

Friday, March 27 and Saturday, March 28

Iraqi and American youth shared visions of a peaceful, just coexistence in this mural workshop. Guided by Claudia Lefko, director of the Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange, these murals will be exhibited in Egypt next …

Don’t Forget Us: Iraqi Children 2001 – 2008 (Sanctions, War, Occupation and Exile)

The Underground Gallery at The Sanctuary for Independent Media features an exhibition organized by the Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange called, “Don’t Forget Us: Iraqi Children 2001 – 2008 (Sanctions, War, Occupation and Exile)” from September 12 through December 14, 2008. The show is open to the public free of charge an hour before, during, and …

Upcoming Events
Mar. 21
FEMeeting: Troy Artist Talks and Community Meal
Mar. 31
Health Autonomy Clinic: Health Literacy & Advocacy
Apr. 05
Urban Chickens

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