Quinoa Burgers

Quinoa Burgers

I tried this recipe for the first time Friday, March 27.  I will change it up a little the next time, adding some onion and cayenne or red pepper flakes for a little bit of zip! 

Nutrition Data Per Serving, 42g:123 cal, …

Vegetarian Chili

Welcome back to Kitchen Sanctuary March 4, 2015

Today I will be making a Vegetarian Chili. Black beans are high in protein and fiber. Unlike animal products, black beans contain only trace amounts of saturated fat and no cholesterol. Eating black beans can boost your iron …

Pasta Primavera


Welcome to Kitchen Sanctuary Menu February 25, 2015

Today I will be making a Pasta Primavera. Remember my budget at the very highest per person is $2.00 that will feed 10 people. I really do try to keep my budget at a $1.50 per person. You can …

Quinoa and Black Beans

Welcome to Wednesday Kitchen Sanctuary Menu February 11,2015

I know sometimes it hard to feed a family a nutritious meal, espeically through the winter months when you can’t grow a garden. On Wednesday’s I will be attempting to make nutritous meals on a very limited budget that will feed 10 …


January 28,2015

Today’s menu was home made Lasagna.

I first started with making my sauce. I chopped  1 onion and 3 clovers of garlic added about 3 tablespoons of olive oil and cooked that in a big pot for about 10 minutes until tender. I then added my seasoning 1 tablespoon …

Welcoming new Beginnings

Spring is in the air!  58 degrees, and the earth is starting to shed its heavy Winter blanket.  New beginnings are upon us!  I had the joy to welcome in a new volunteer group, and another independent volunteer.  Lots of energy and enthusiasm from all parties.  It feels like we are gaining momentum again for …

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I spent some time today talking to someone who lives in our neighborhood.  They said that they are so grateful to have the supports in the community.  Discussed how they don’t feel so well so much of the time, and just having things to look forward to is so important.  We then discussed volunteering.  They …

Tuesdays at the Sanctuary

I am volunteering in a local community to offer support in any way I can. Today  I came in to the wonderful smell of vegetable soup cooking!  One thing about this place there is always food, and good company.  The group is looking to create a community cookbook, and last week everyone tried their …

New Music to my Ears: Myra Melford and Ben Goldberg Duo

Myra Melford and Ben Goldberg held a concert at the Sanctuary for Independent Media from 7pm-9pm on November 16, 2014. Pianists Myra Melford and clarinetist Ben Goldberg create music that is pleasing, superlative, and experimental. Avid jazz fans from the Capital District attended the concert to see the duo perform. Myra and Ben treated …

Behind the Scenes at the Yes Men Event

Tuesday, November 4th, The Sanctuary held a fundraising dinner followed a screening of a Yes Men movie. The dinner was held to fundraise for the Sanctuary and during presentations various programs at the Sanctuary were highlighted including the NATURE Lab (North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology.

Amy Franceschini, The Futurefarmers, and the October Grains Workshops

The week of October 14th the Sanctuary was preparing for a visitor! Amy Franceschini, a founding member of future farmers, came to Troy to give a talk on the work of the Futurefarmers collective and lead a two-day ancient grains workshop, Futurefarmers Artist Demonstration Garden, to sow heritage grains, discuss the need for seed exchanges, and create Agrarian-Activist Scarecrows.

Bioremediation in the L-lot

On November 12th, Kathy High and Intern Sierra Sukay went to the Sanctuary to meet with Oliver Kellhammer and assist him in collecting soil samples from the L-lot. Oliver, in conjunction with the Sanctuary, started bioremediations efforts in the L-lot this summer. In the back portion of the L-lot where the soil suffers from high lead concentration, was separated into three sections. One section has been covered with mulch and a fungi called mycelium, which has been used to reduce the amount of lead and other pollutants in the soil in sites around the world. Buckwheat was planted in the second section. Buckwheat is a very efficient tool for bioremediation because it grows quickly while “sucking” up the lead in the soil and storing it in the plants tissue. The third section is a control; it contains a collection of weeds “native” to Troy.

Sound Ecology: Troy Waterways Soundwalk and Sound Ecology Workshop

Like most human-beings, I have always felt quite connected to water. Besides that it reflects light in a pretty way, we need it for survival: our bodies are about 65% water, and we cannot live long without it, only approximately 3 to 5 days. I am conscious of my use of water while doing dishes, while showering, and I wait until the ground is very dry and no rain in sight before watering the garden. However, I became even more aware of our country’s water concerns when driving across the country this summer of 2014. 

TJ: The next great film producer

I first met TJ in September of this year. He was shy at first, but I heard great things about him. TJ is from North Troy and goes to one of the local middle schools. Branda told me TJ is an amazing filmer and fast learner. He helped filmed events including Peacestock, Story Harvest, and …

Yes Man at the Sanctuary for Independent Media

Last night I had the honor of attending the preview flim screening of “Yes Men are Revolting!”. The event started with a dinner for attendees prepared by Mike Bonanno and volunteers. Mike and his volunteers served people while wearing red, white, and orange jump suits. Each suit represented a different role.

Teamwork and a lot of cement

I went to the Sanctuary for Independent Media last Wednesday to help out with the hoop house. People told me they needed assistance with pouring cement. I thought to myself, “This should be fun, I’ve never worked with cement before.” I did not know what to expect.

Students from Rensselaer Polytechnic Insitutes service …

Future Farmers, Carriage House, and the Hoop House

Saturday October 18th, I worked and attended the Futurefarmers demonstration at the Carriage House and Collard City Growers garden. The event started out with a work party early in the morning. Volunteers cleaned the Carriage House. People arrived for the event around 1. A lot of people of that attendeded. Some attendees were local youth, …

Peacestock 2014

Everyone experiences emotions such as stress, anxiety, and frustration. Emotions are caused by a variety of factors, like having a bad day at work or school. Emotions may be overwhelming and difficult to cope with at times. Many doctors are resorting to medication. Over medication is an increasing epidemic in the United States. People may consume more than one medication in a day for the same disease or illness. Today doctors are prescribing multiple medications for an illness. Prescribed medications can have detrimental effects on our body. A diabetes medication may alleviate some symptoms, but cause side effects such as drowsiness and nausea. Too many people are medicated for something that can be fixed by a simple change in lifestyle. Simple activities include physical exercise, meditating, reading a book, filming a short video, drawing, or listening to and playing music. Some people prefer alternative forms of coping with emotions because they are much healthier for us.

Lead Testing in North Troy

One of the more recent additions to the Sanctuary’s gardens, the “L-lot” behind the corner of sixth avenue and Glen street, was tested for lead on October 7th. This new project of NATURE Lab (North Troy Art, Technology and Urban Research in Ecology) is headed by local resident and partner with The Sanctuary for …

August 8th – Our Water Ways Define our Sense of Place

*Today is the last day of uptown summer. After 20 amazing days, the ‘Youth Change Makers’ worked so hard getting down to the nitty gritty of environmental justice in our community. They have been raising environmental awareness by creating maps, painting trashcans, and making Hudson River pollution signs. The youth also learned how to …

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