The Impact of The Sanctuary

Four years ago I entered SUNY New Paltz with my major as undecided. My first year in college about every other week I “decided” on a different major. I have always been passionate about bettering underprivileged communities, having loved volunteering with kids living in inner-city Albany as I grew up. I thought what better way …


North Troy Peoples’ History Museum

PLEASE NOTE: Call 518-272-2390 if you’d like to set …

Tattoos on the Sanctuary

The outside of the Sanctuary as many of you know has inspirational quotes on it.   Which is nice because these days we need to be reminded that not everything is horrible and that there is just as much good in this world as there is bad.  Most of these quotes are by people …

Thomas Mapfumo brings African dance music to The Sanctuary

Thomas Mapfumo & the Blacks Unlimited

and The Sanctuary for Independent Media 10th Anniversary Celebration

written by Alycia Bacon, The Modern Scribe

photos by Ethan Kindred 


What Makes a Good Summer Youth Program?


My internship with The Sanctuary for Independent Media started in late May, 2015. However, my connection to The Sanctuary began in 2008, when I was 15, and I participated in a “Youth Media Sanctuary” (YMS). It …

Shedding light on the issues: Breathing Lights effort to raise awareness of abandoned buildings

TROY >> Abandoned buildings in the city’s North Central neighborhood will show signs of life for at least a couple months next fall as part of a multi-city public art program.

A coalition of more than two dozen local organizations hope to shed an artistic light on the widespread impact of vacant properties …

Uptown Summer 2015

Uptown Summer ’15 will produce digital stories within our media arts and urban environmental education campus on 6th Ave.  Giving voice to the local community, we will explore neighborhood history as well as ongoing arts, preservation, and environmental remediation activities.  Young people will develop media literacy skills—both technical and and critical—empowering them to address the …

Uptown Summer Week 5 Review


Its the last day of Uptown Summer 2015 and as sad as we all are to say goodbye, we can’t help but look back to the first week.  It was spent getting familiar with the recording and editing equipment and learning about how to safely use the gardening tools and what …

Seed to Fork Carrot Cake Recipe

If you make one, please share pictures with us using #UptownSummerCarrotCake

Uptown Summer Week 4 Review

This week started off with editing and revising our second stories! We also got to work on our Urban Naturalism mural in the Sanctuary’s patio. It’s really bringing life to such a drab area of the historic building. 



On Wednesday, Davia Collington from the Troy …

Uptown Summer Week 2 Review

We began this week with a delicious start. The wonderful people at Vital Eats visited and made us some falafel and curly fries on the spot! So good!


After that, it was time to work on our stories!  We learned last week how to use our …

Uptown Summer Week 1 Review

It’s been such an exciting first week of the fourth Uptown Summer!  This years theme of Environmental Justice for Our Local Community and Beyond has lead us to do some really terrific things!

We’ve been learning some great things about gardening in our urban environment …

Peace of Mind

So  I love life.  I think it is wonderful to be part of this world.  I think there are many reasons that I am in love with living is that I keep focused on the positives in life.  So I have taught my environment to be nice to me.  This includes facebook as well!  Only …

A Call To Action

My volunteer work at the Sanctuary started a couple of months ago.  At that time the goal was to organize the Community Pot Luck for the Cheri Honkala Event, ‘House Keys not Handcuffs’.  It has grown to mean much more to me…but that’s another day’s post.  

Last night’s event was an energizer …

Opening Spring Event: With The Nile Project

Today at The Sanctuary for Independant Media is having their Spring opening event. They will be hosting The Nile Project. The Sanctuary for Independant Media will also be hosting a pot luck dinner tonight.    March 21,2015

I started my day making a Spinach Quiche, a Broccoli, Mushroom Quiche and …

Zucchini Crab Cakes

Welcome back to Wednesday dinnner on a budget at The Ktchen Sanctuary. What I try to make is a  healthy meal between $1.50- $2.00 a person.



Today’s recipe has 8-10 servings and the cost for ingredients for this recipe was $20.00! A cost of $2.00 per person! In the summer you can grow your own vegetables that would bring down your cost.

5 tablespoons fine dry bread crumbs …

The Nile Project Photos

“The Nile Project” are musicians from 11 different countries that surround the Nile River. Some of these musicians instruments are unique and from their hometown. Filling the stage in their native clothing, playing their native instruments, and singing in their native language, these musicans talent pleasantly entertain the full house crowd. As they …

Good Days

Hello, I’m Laurie Schabile, a new volunteer at The Sanctuary.  I must say, though, I am receiving much more as a volunteer than I am giving.  I have met caring, kind, and generous people who all have something to offer, and willingly share their gifts.  For the time being most of my contribution has been …

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Dec. 14
North Central Troy Justice and Peace Holiday Celebration
Dec. 17
NATURE Lab: Health Autonomy Clinic – Session 2

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