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Troy Alley Action

Troy Alley Action is a grassroots movement that …

Barb Nelson

Barb Nelson is an architect, community mural artist, and Project …


Tessa is a member of the AmeriCorps VISTA group. She comes multiple times …


Vanessa is a member of the AmeriCorps VISTA group. She comes multiple times …

People Power

People Power is the most important part of The Sanctuary for Independent Media!

Below are links that will bring you to the people that are honored for their great work and involvement with The Sanctuary:

SanctuariansSanctuarians …

AmeriCorps VISTA

AmeriCorps VISTA is one of the programs that helps a great deal with …

Reverend Billy

Reverend Billy

Volunteering Opportunities

Volunteers are the heart and soul that make the Sanctuary a thriving and vibrant community media and arts center. They help to staff events, shoot video, plan events, build the community, build our space, and keep the place nice.

Whether you come with a specific expertise, a new skill …

Doug Henwood

Doug Henwood

Speakers at The Sanctuary

Speakers at The Sanctuary

Kahil El Zabar

Kahil El Zabar

Madeline Kunin

Madeline Kunin



Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader

"'Upstate Girl' finds voice in photography"

Date published: 02/12/2009
Publication: Troy Record

‘Upstate Girl’ finds voice in photography

By Bob Goepfert The Record

Brenda Ann Kenneally has an addictive personality. That addiction has produced “Upstate Girls: What Became of the Collar City,” which opens Saturday at the Sanctuary for Independent Media, 3361 …

"Exhibit looks at women in poverty"

Date published: 02/08/2009
Publication: Schenectady Daily Gazette

Exhibit looks at women in poverty
By Sara Foss


TROY — A young woman named Dana Aftab wanders through a cramped hallway, gazing at blank white walls that will soon be covered with pictures. Dozens of photographs …

Underground Art Gallery



The Underground Gallery at The Sanctuary for Independent Media features an exhibition organized by the Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange called, "Don’t Forget Us: Iraqi Children 2001 – 2008 (Sanctions, War, Occupation and Exile)” from September 12 through December 14, 2008. The show is …

Upcoming Events
Aug. 21
Black August People’s Clinic

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