The Sanctuary needs you.

Despite emails and social media posts filled with at-a-distance activities, things at the Sanctuary aren’t as normal as they seem. 

The pandemic has significantly reduced the grant opportunities available to us at the same time that our ability to raise money through in-person events disappeared. We feel incredibly lucky that so far we’ve been able to keep up our work. 

To maintain capacity, the Sanctuary needs to add at least 50 new Sustainers by the end of October. 

Campaign Goal - 50 New Sustainers!
30 of 50

“Sustaining the Sanctuary” has taken on new meaning.

Suddenly, we are in need of your committed support with an urgency we never expected.

But we feel incredibly lucky that so far we’ve been able to keep up our work.

Now is not the time to slow down!

Despite the challenges of the moment, we are continuing to:

  • Produce local news & amplify marginalized voices

  • Sponsor youth activities

  • Renovate the new NATURE Lab Center

  • Grow food to share in Collard City Growers gardens

  • ...and build community from the grassroots up!

Join Sanctuarians and show your support today—become a sustainer. 

If you’re not able to give money these days, there’s still a lot you can do! To start, you can join us at any of the events we are hosting. Seeing your face will help keep us connected.

You can also help spread the word!

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