Month: March 2011

Tech Valley HS Tuesday March 29th

“Today was a shooting day- The kids are motivated and self-directed and scattered themselves around the school to shoot their various scenes. We only have two mic cables, so sound is a huge bottleneck for us currently. I’m looking forward to seeing their works in progress next week!” -Edward Coolidge, Tech Valley High …

TVHS a Production Free-For-All 3/24/11

“Today was a chaotic and awesome productive shooting day. Keeping track of the class as a teacher is like herding cats! It was a fun, energy filled talkative day, with logistical and tech problems encountered and solved, lots of successful interviews!” –Edward Coolidge, Art Instructor, Tech Valley High School


“Focus. …

Want to get more involved? Check out these Sanctuary work projects…


Ever thought about spending some of your free time helping out at the Sanctuary?  There are several projects underway for which we could use some hands!

1. Stage light and curtains

This Friday (3-25) from 11 AM through the afternoon, we’ll be installing stage curtain hardware and upgrading …

YMS March 23 2011

YMS Brainstorming video ideas while eating homemade pizza and talking about challenges facing youth today.


Today we brainstormed and came up with ideas for our videos.  Eveyone in the group had amazing ideas and I know our videos will come ou great.– Madena

I …

TVHS Beginning Production 3/22/11

“Today we started with a quick sound workshop, than moved on to start shooting or creating a shooting script. We hit the wall of logistics today- (which spaces are available, where should the lights be, which group gets which equipment, etc) but made it through OK- all groups made progress.  the reality of shooting …

TVHS Lighting and Production workshop 3/17/2011

“A few of the groups had the opportunity to participate in a bare bones lighting workshop.  Other groups opted for the natural light approach to documentary filmmaking, but will participate in a workshop next week. “

“Though this intro to production exercise was designed to be shot …

TVHS Video Class 3/15/2011

“TvFilm Producer, Brandon Bethmann, reviews pitches and treatments presented by Tech Valley High School Students.”

“The pitches are well thought out and where delivered with confidence.  The once in a lifetime opportunity these students are being offered is very much appreciated …

March 9th YMS Reflections

Here is what everyone said after our first session!


This is my first time back at the sanctuary since the last YMS group. It feels so good to be here because it has become apart of me. The experience, the skills, friends, fun, happiness, and memories that I …

YMS March 9, 2011

March 9, 2011

Part 1
Icebreaker w/ Abby (chills/thrills or other)
Part 2
watching, thinking, talking:
Youth FX video – Third Rail
YMS video: North Troy Rough Cut
Part 3
planning for project 1 (short pieces to be shot next week)
break into 3 groups …

TVHS First Production Meeting 3/10/11


“We went over the rubric very briefly, and created a collaborative Google doc “need to know” list, which we will look at and address next class. A number of kids were missing today due to bad weather/illness, so the class was a bit low energy.”


Traveling 'Purple Hearts' exhibit honors Iraq war veterans – Times Union article

“Purple Hearts,” a series of portraits by photojournalist Nina Berman, documents the return of 17 Army soldiers and Marines wounded in the Iraq war. “Youths tend to get wrong impression from video games, TV shows and movies that tend to romanticize and glorify combat,” said Bob Alft.

Sanctuary volunteer Bob Alft has made …

YMS @ TVHS: March 3, 2011

YMS Peer Trainers Kayleara Miller and Antonio Pabon, along with “Be the Media” Coordinator Abby Lublin, visited Tech Valley High School to present their video, “North Troy Rough Cut.”



Today at Tech Vally we showed our film and had to stand up and talk about it.  I’m …

Youth Media Sanctuary: Open House/ First Day, Spring '11

3/2/11: Session 1: First Day Intro

Happy 16th Birthday, Antonio!  Whassup with the trick candles?

Finally… Antonio cuts b-day cake for his YMS friends Abby, Roger, Thomas and Madena.


What a great 1st day we had!


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