Month: November 2010

Lights, Camera, Interview!

November 10, 2010

Hey, this is Kayleara coming at you with the blog today! Yesterday we had lots of fun learning about the studio interview set-up. Andrew taught us how to set up the lighting, the different mics (lavalier and shotgun), the XLR cables, and we each took turns on the camera filming …

Review: The Beginning of a New Age, The Free George


Best Practices in Banana Time, Review: The Beginning of a New Age, The Free George.

Saturday night I went to see Best Practices in Banana Time at the Sanctuary for Independent Media in downtown Troy. The Sanctuary for Independent Media is run out …

Youth Media Sanctuary, the week of 11/3/10

Antonio and Chelsea under the Hoosick St. bridge in the rain.


Hey, this is Antonio and Chelsea.  We just wanted to update you on what we have been up to here at the Sanc. This week we made web reflections on our feelings and outlooks of North Central …

Youth Media Sanctuary Update: end of Project 1

Here’s an update at the end of Youth Media Sanctuary Project #1:

We have successful completed the first phase of our Youth Media Peer Training workshop at The Sanctuary for Independent Media. After beginning in the summer with initial research, script-development and pre-production activities, the local youth participants started their fall workshop schedule …

YMS Introduction

Welcome, Youth Media Sanctuary!

The Sanctuary for Independent Media introduces Youth Media Sanctuary – a new community media peer-training program in North Central Troy.  The program teaches multimedia skills to young people (ages 15-25) in the neighborhood, helping to develop urgently needed independent local voices.

Check out these aspiring media makers …

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