Month: September 2009

Let's Get Nautical

Ahoy reader of my words,

Welcome to the Sanctuary world at the conclusion of my second week here.

During the week, I worked on the media distribution list for the free jazz project, watched another jazz video, and installed lights in the gallery upstairs.

Thursday was our second ‘Kiss …

Sanctuary Low-down #2

Greetings blog reader,

The following rant will give you the low-down on what happened in the Sanctuary world this week.

Firstly, let me tell you about the lunchtime routine at the Sanctuary.

Basically, there’s a roster where everyone takes turns making lunch during the week. The lunches are usually …

Digital Preservation Workshop – October 4, 2009

October 4 Digital Preservation with Nan Rubin – $40

“Video Archiving 101: Preserving Your Video Collections”

So you made your media and got it out there — now what? This workshop will help you safeguard that treasured masterpiece for generations to come. Learn what formats work — and don’t work — …

The Em-ericanization of Emily

Harro person reading my blurb.

I’m Emily and I’m volunteering at the Sanctuary this semester. I’ll mainly be working on the Free Jazz project, digital storytelling and helping to shoot events – and will be documenting all of it on this blogging device.

In a nutshell, I’m …

Americorps VISTA WEEK 4: "Digital Arts Service Corps" hits NYC!

Here’s photos of our new Americorps VISTA staff, Nicole Belanger and Chris Gang, during their trip to N.Y.C.

First, an early morning visit to Downtown Community Video and the live broadcast of Democracy Now!




and then, on to …

Upcoming Events
01/17/2021 – 04/01/2021
Memorial Altar: “Emerging from Darkness”
Mar. 04
People’s Health Sanctuary presents: Community Forum to Address Capital Region Health System Merger
Mar. 07
Tending the Urban Forest

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