NATURE Lab Environmental Education Center!

We Need Your Help!

With your help we can create a permanent home for NATURE Lab—with a full laboratory!—to empower the Sanctuary’s environmental education program to reach its full potential. With the help of a few generous individuals and a NYS Department of Environmental Conservation grant we’ve already raised $40,000 of the $100,000 required to purchase and renovate a vacant building on our 6th Avenue block into an urban environmental education center.

Can you help us build this urban center for environmental justice by donating? You can use the form below or click here.


Faced with a world in environmental peril, individuals must be taking action from whatever point of entry available. Projects like NATURE Lab are exactly how our communities will affect change from the grassroots up. NATURE Lab’s community impact and interest have been growing exponentially since it was founded in 2013. With this new building we dream of offering regular afterschool hours for youth; free tutoring with university students; sliding scale soil and water testing; Do-It-Together medicine making (such as make-your-own-aspirin); and much more!