A Night Out with “The Narcotic Farm”

Date & Time: 
11/08/2008 - 1:00pm - 3:30pm


On Saturday November 8 at 7 PM, The Sanctuary for Independent Media hosts a multi-media presentation of "The Narcotic Farm"--featuring the creators of a new book and documentary film about the U.S. Narcotic Farm in Lexington, KY.

The U.S. Narcotic Farm just outside Lexington, KY, was a legendary meeting place for America’s drug addicts. This performance interweaves verbal, visual, and musical memories of a place that was a crossroads for drug addicts from 1935-1975.

Authors Nancy Campbell and JP Olsen will read and screen portions of their works on this historic place, mixed with live jazz performed by Elizabeth Woodbury Kasius (piano), Linda Brown (bass), and Jonathan Greene (woodwinds).

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