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Amy Goodman Dinner and Lecture

Date & Time: 
10/18/2013 - 5:00am - 10:00am
by donation ($10 suggested, $5 student/low-income)
FIX FOR 2006
October 18, 2006 | Wednesday | 12:00 am
WHEN: Wed. Oct 18, 7:30pm event
WHERE: Christ Church, 35 State St. Troy, NY
DESCRIPTION: Amy Goodman helps celebrate the five year anniversary of the Hudson Mohawk Independent Media Center and launches a capital campaign for The Sanctuary For Independent Media. Presented with Women Against War. 5;30 dinner @ Sanctuary for Independent Media 3361 Sixth Ave. N.Troy
TICKETS: 5:30pm dinner $50-$100, event $5 students/low income, $10 suggested donation,
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Water Warriors

An intimate look at a Canadian Indigenous community daring to challenge a powerful adversary, Water Warriors is a documentary exhibition by award winning photojournalists Andrew Stern and Michael Premo.

Water Warriors is a transmedia photography and film-based installation chronicling the heroic efforts of one community’s resistance against the lucrative oil and natural gas boom sweeping North America. In 2013, when a Texas energy company began searching for natural gas in rural New Brunswick, Canada, a group of unlikely warriors united to drive out the company in an ongoing campaign to protect their land and water.

What Is Seeing?

The Raft by the Seeing With Photography CollectiveThe Seeing with Photography Collective is a group of photographers based in New York City who are visually impaired, sighted and blind.

They follow a unique process to create their work:

Sighted assistants focus and compose the camera’s frame, directed by the blind artist. Then, in a darkened room, they leave the camera’s shutter open and slowly paint their sitter with a small flashlight. Luminous distortions and blurred or glowing forms result from the technique, not digital altering.

The nature of the artists' visual limitations can provoke any viewer or perceiver of these portraits: Is less, more? What is seeing? What does one choose to see?

The Seeing with Photography Collective's work has been exhibited worldwide and can be seen in the book Shooting Blind, published by Aperture.

Don't miss their afternoon Be The Media! workshop and evening in-person presentation with the Daniel Kelly Trio at the gallery opening on Saturday, May 9.

Joe Barna and Sketches of Influence

Date & Time: 
02/24/2015 - 7:00pm

Joe Barna and his group Sketches Of Influence in performance one night only! This event is a homecoming of sorts as Barna grew up in North Troy and graduated from Lansingburgh High School, just a few blocks away, in 1994.

Joining the quartet for this special engagement will be Stacy Dillard-sax (Roy Hargrove, Stevie Wonder, Mingus Big Band, Cyrus Chestnut), Victor Gould-piano (Terrance Blanchard, Esperanza Spalding, Wallace Roney) and Ryan Berg-bass (Ralph Bowen, Jerry Weldon, James Weidman Trio).

Joe Barna psoterDrummer/composer Joe Barna currently resides in New York City where he is an active member of the jazz scene. Barna began his collegiate life in 1995 by attending SCCC in Schenectady focusing his efforts on orchestral percussion performance/education. In fall of 1999 he transferred to SUNY Purchase in Westchester, NY. In spring of 2004 Barna received his BFA in Jazz Studies with a focus on performance and composition.

"Dear Climate" Art Opening, A Conversation with Marina Zurkow and Oliver Kellhammer

Join Dear Climate artists Marina Zurkow and Oliver Kellhammer in conversation about climate change. Learn strategies to "Befriend Climate Change," from international environmental crises to hyper-local challenges such as brownfields, decaying urban neighborhoods, and toxic blight right here in North Troy and the Capital Region!

Ecological Interventions Art Opening/ NATURE Lab Opening!

"Guerrilla Grafting," Oliver Kellhammer















Ballengée, Skate, Hudson River Valley project   Kellhammer, Crowngraft, Guerilla Grafting

"Ecological Interventions” features two internationally renowned environmental artists who care deeply about out ecology and our future, Brandon Ballengée (US) and Oliver Kellhammer (Canada). Their projects explore how we as citizens of the world can change our environmental impact.

Zombies of North Troy

Freedom Square honors the Zombies of North Troy!

Photographs by Brenda Ann Kenneally



Female Vets Speak

Artist Reception: Thursday, Oct. 17, 5:00-6:30pm

In 2012-2013, women from Guardian House, a transitional living home for Female Veterans in Ballston Spa, attended photography and writing workshops that documented their lives after serving in the military. Some of the women were active duty and others were not; however, similarities in their experiences were powerful and created lasting friendships.

As one participant reflected, “Why did it take this class to talk about our experiences as women in the military? It seems that being in the military is a natural topic for men to talk  openly about, but not for women!”

"Kids and Guns: Digital Stories"

Date & Time: 
04/04/2013 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm


With violence topping the news and lawmakers weighing various control measures, the role of guns in our society is a hot topic of debate.  This workshop will focus on the North Central Troy community with digital story telling techniques to explore issues of growing up with guns and violence.  

With award-winning filmmaker Jim de Seve. A Be the Media! instructor at the Sanctuary, he is an award-winning documentary producer/ director whose acclaimed documentary, “Tying the Knot,” has played internationally.  He produced extensive work for the mass media industry, and broadcast internationally. He has an MFA from RPI’s Arts Program, and teaches media production at Union College.

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