Past Workshops

New date! Post-Industrial Ecologies of the Hudson River Estuary with Seed Bomb Art Workshop

Date & Time: 
05/14/2017 - 1:00pm

In his talk and workshop, ecological artist, writer, and activist Oliver Kellhammer will frame post-industrial ecologies as sites of renewal and the emergence of novel processes. Together, we will bio-map our area to begin a field guide to the biodiversity of our North Troy neighborhood brownfields. 

Followed by a Seed Bomb Art work party with a hands-on demo of how to make a seed bomb. Made from compressed soil and seeds, seed bombs are designed to be thrown into areas that are degraded, physically abused, or in need of vegetation. We'll release seed bombs along our bio-mapping journey!

The Relationship of Cinema and Activism: How to Develop Social Issue Films with Brett Story

Date & Time: 
05/10/2017 - 4:30pm

An intimate discussion with filmmaker Brett Story on the relationship between art and politics, cinema and activism, and how to use film more expansively (ie. outside the usual “advocacy” documentary) to speak to social issues.

Bees and the Cooperative Community / Potluck / “Forming Gift / Free / Mutual Aid / Barter Networks” with Caroline Woolard

Date & Time: 
05/06/2017 - 5:00pm

5-6 PM Bees and the Cooperative Community
with CCG gardeners Azure Keahi and Christian Grigoraskos
An introduction to urban beekeeping. Reflect upon the importance of cooperative action!

6-7 PM Community Potluck

7-9 PM “Forming Gift / Free / Mutual Aid / Barter Networks” with Caroline Woolard

Artist and organizer Caroline Woolard begins the workshop with a quick presentation on seven solidarity economy models that establish local wealth and community resilience. Participants will then work in small groups to brainstorm ways to refine and adapt these models to the Sactuary and the surrounding neighborhood.

Sculpting a Water Retentive Landscape

Date & Time: 
05/06/2017 - 2:00pm

A NATURE Lab workshop with Collard City Growers gardener and coordinator Christian Grigoraskos

As environmental stewards in our community, water security is at the forefront of our consciousness. We are constantly looking for ways to preserve and respect water as a precious resource (BECAUSE IT IS!). Utilizing rainwater barrels and closed-loop aquaponic systems are a couple ways that we plan on managing our water supply in the garden, but there are techniques for building efficient irrigation systems directly into the landscape.

Join us to learn how to build the most open-source, democratic, and FREE irrigation system out there: SWALE & BERMS. 

The resulting garden beds will become our community cooking greens patch: collards, kale, and chard -- here we come! Participants of this workshop will leave with plans for building their own A-frame level and muscle memory to dig swales and berms in their own backyards.  


POSTPONED: Water Security in Hoosick Falls and Beyond

Date & Time: 
04/29/2017 - 3:00pm


Presented by youth from Hoosick Falls High School with Ken Facin, Hoosick Falls Superintendent of Schools, and Geomicrobiologist Yuri Gorby, Professor, RPI.

Youth Skillshare on water security with high school students from the Hoosick Falls School District. 

Safeguarding Sources: Encryption and Trauma Protection with "National Bird" director Sonia Kennebeck

Date & Time: 
04/17/2017 - 4:30pm

This workshop offers a general overview exploring the ethics and challenges of investigating and documenting high-stakes, dangerous and traumatic situations and events. Sonya will share strategies for preparing for a high-risk project, including assessing the risk of a project.

From Standing Rock to Ferguson, documentary filmmakers, journalists and other media crew find themselves forced to work in increasingly dangerous or sensitive conditions. Many documentarians may not know their legal rights or may not have the skills or tools to protect themselves or their crew and subjects. This workshop seeks to expand source protection to cover more than just encrypting data. Participants will explore what it takes to protect those who endanger themselves to investigate injustice.

This session is designed to familiarize documentary makers with their legal rights and ethical obligations and to introduce strategies for protecting their subjects and crews. The workshop will cover how to protect sources and data and how to keep crew and subjects safe during and after filming. Topics to be discussed will include physical, legal and emotional/psychological protection. It will also cover best practices for shooting and sharing sensitive or dangerous information, and practical strategies and tools for data encryption and security.

Citizen Science Training: Stream Sampling in Rensselaer County

Date & Time: 
04/01/2017 - 10:00am

Rensselaer Land Trust’s STREAM TEAM needs help to find out if wading in the streams of Rensselaer County might make you sick. This project will recruit and train citizen scientists to collect water samples from 18 sites along 5 tributaries of the Hudson River for enterococcus levels.




Volunteer time commitment is approximately 2 hours per month during May through October. This project will recruit and train citizen scientists to collect water samples from 18 sites along 5 tributaries of the Hudson River for enterococcus levels.

This project is made possible by New York’s Environmental Protection Fund and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Hudson River Estuary Program. Program partners include River Haggie Outdoors; Watershed Assessment Associates; United States Geological Survey; Riverkeeper; and Capital District Regional Planning Commission.

Fruit & Berry Propagation

Date & Time: 
12/03/2016 - 1:00pm

We are multiplying our stock and want to share with you!

Come learn the basics of propagating from hardwood cuttings & leave with some new plant (& hopefully, human!) friends. Bring a pot / vessel for carrying transplants home or any cuttings you would like to share. $10 suggested donation.

Collard City Growers
3337 6th Ave, Troy, New York 12180
For more info, check out
or call 518-272-2390.

Participatory Art & Action workshop with Brenda Ann Kenneally

Date & Time: 
11/19/2016 - 4:00pm

Kenneally will share strategies for participatory community art practice, including the process behind her scrapbooks and the StoryCandles project.

Collard City Growers Tour, Think Tank & Community Potluck

Date & Time: 
10/22/2016 - 1:00pm


Come tour Collard City Growers, Troy's first permaculture food forest project, and witness this cultivated abundance. The tour will be followed by a discussion regarding the future of the project. Join the brainstorm and get involved in sharing the bounty, starting with samplings of our pickles and honey! Bring a dish to share at the concluding potluck.

These once vacant lots are now beacons of urban resilience. Learn how cities can meet our most basic needs and increase our quality of life using vegetable & flower gardening, aquaponics, beekeeping, medicinal herbs, polyculture orchards, composting, rainwater harvesting, and a citizen science lab.