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YMS Spring 2012: Day 7, April 4th

We were into the last weeks of the Youth Media Sanctuary.

Hours upon hours of editing, editing, and editing (so serious, so meticulous!), calls for some silly.


Darian's shoes (adored by many here).










Showing some love for the camera.


Be the Media!: SURVIVALIST MEDIA WORKSHOP, with Frank López

Date & Time: 
04/23/2011 - 1:00pm - 5:00pm

This SURVIVALIST MEDIA WORKSHOP is $10-40 sliding scale!  REGISTER at: 

It’s the End of the World as We Know It: Social Media and Global Resistance, with Media Pirate, "The Stimulater," Frank Lopez

This workshop is on DIY distribution, radical aesthetics, stealing stuff from the internet, collaborating with video ninjas across the land, and funding it all through small donations from fans.

Participants will not only get to learn from this underground media celebrity, they will actually
co-produce a totally rad local news story with the "Stimulator" himself! The video that gets made will premiere on Sanctuary TV the following week.

Join Franklin López as he explains the who, what, why of his snarky show and learn with a hands on workshop on how the f@*k he does it!

"Be the Media" Growing the Grassroots Track, for: Adults and teens.

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