Troy Youths Ask: "What Would You Do With a Trillion Dollars?"

A team of Troy teenagers from Youth Media Sanctuary journeyed to Washington DC the weekend of April 11-13, 2014 to take part in the fourth annual “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” Youth Film Festival sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC).

Their new video, "Trillion in Troy," is one of twenty-one official selections chosen for the festival. Many thanks to Unity House for helping us get there!

The “If I Had a Trillion Dollars” Youth Film Festival asks young people to speak out on the federal budget via short videos that answer the question “what would you do with $1 trillion—for yourself, your family, and your community.” The youth are asked to consider the $1 trillion spent yearly on the U.S. military; the more than $1 trillion spent on the wars abroad, and the $1 trillion plus in tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans.

The submissions come from Troy, Baltimore, Chicago, Greensboro NC, Los Angeles, New York, and other communities around the country. Created by a diverse group of creative high school and college students, the videos feature clever lyrics and thoughtful policy recommendations on issues such as immigration, climate change, cuts to food stamps, and foster care.  

Appreciation to our local farmers and donors for StoryHarvest!

Thank you everyone who volunteer and donated for StoryHarvest '12, including:


Native Farm Flowers

Nine Mile Farm

Rock Hill Bakehouse

3 "StoryHarvest Cooking" workshops next week!

The "StoryHarvest Cooking" workshop series offers three opportunities to create the most delicious, on-the-go and on-a-budget, food for Bread and Puppet parade goers and StoryHarvesrt partricipants! 

Feed the masses, home-made and with love! *Attention, Moms -- it's ok to bring your kids!

Free!  Please RSVP or ask questions at: 

Moday, Oct. 15 Harvest Soup workshop, in the Sanctuary Kitchen

Join Nancy and Ellie to incorporate the harvest donated by local urban and rural farmers into a soup!

Thursday, Oct. 18  Pastor Willie's Oven, in the Missing Link Kitchen

Visit Pastor Willie Bacote's kitchen in the Missing Link Street Ministry, and learn from the expert how he feeds thousands!

Friday, Oct. 19 Burrito Making Workshop, in the Missing Link Kitchen

Join Nancy and Ellie as they make 200 burritos for StoryHarvest parade goers!

KitchenSanctuary Workshops!

Our KitchenSanctuary workshops are designed to create food and nurture the spirit of the Sanctuary!

We invite you to come cook with us, and join a dialogue about nutrition and the role of food in building communities.
    •    Make healthy, nurturing food on a budget!
    •    Share skills!
    •    Connect to food, where it comes from, cultural memories and personal stories.
    •    Build community!
    •    Have fun!

Come share your enthusiasm about food! No experience required!

Free! To register, email: kitchen


A Roadmap to Apartheid

I went to the screening and discussion of A Roadmap to Apartheid. I've read a couple of National Geographics on the topic, so I know something about the tensions between Israel and Palestine in a way that many Americans might not.

While the film was interesting, it seemed to leave out a lot about the Palestinian hostilities on Israel. My friend who has been to Israel told me that Israeli parents were afraid that their children would get hurt or killed by the Palestinians on the way to school.  I can understand that fear will lead people to do irrational things. 

Also, I have a relative who lived in South Africa during apartheid.  While I've never met her, I heard that she'd felt that apartheid was better for all concerned, and that the black South Africans were inferior and needed that system.  The film didn't address whether there were similar attitudes in Israel.  I would have been interested to know (I should have asked this question at the end

Bike! Bike! Northeast and Rupa and the April Fishes

I attended Bike! Bike!  last weekend.  It was fun.

I never really was able to bike much when I was younger.  We lived first on a road that was a very steep hill, then, when we moved, the road was very busy and there were no sidewalks.  I found it incredibly freeing to be able to bike fast and over a long distance.  I need to get myself a bike!  I'm planning on going down to Troy Bike Rescue sometime and either make one for myself or buy one.

Rupa and the April Fishes were also great.  I enjoyed dancing with some of my friends who were also there.  It was great how many of their songs discussed current political and economic situations rather than more normal songs.

WGXC Radio Explosion awesome radio piece on Uptown Summer '12!

Check out the radio project that youth from Hudson's WGXC Radio Explosion produced!

Uptown Summer: A Report from North Troy



Field Trip to CDCG

My class took a field trip to some of CDCG's gardens last Tuesday.  It was a lot of fun and we learned a lot about Capital District Community Gardens: how they operate and what they do.  I took some pictures (coming soon) of my classmates helping to harvest the vegetables.

We had our first assignment due...a Troy Food Profile using census data and other data found online.  There is so much out there, I can't even begin to imagine how much data we collectively turned up.  Data isn't everything, though, and at times it would probably have made more sense to actually go interview people ourselves.  That is much more time consuming and difficult.

Field Trip

Hi!  I'm Elizabeth Anderson, a junior Sustainability Studies major at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  This semester, I'm not only interning at the Sanctuary, but I'm also taking a really cool class called "Food, Farms, and Famine".  

In class, we are doing a Troy Community Food Assesment Project: Pilot Study.  It's a fancy name for gathering data, checking out what Troy has to offer in terms of healthy food, and interviewing people who have been working with Troy's food issues.

Today (September 15th), we went on a field trip to the Troy Farmers Market, Collard City Growers, and the Veggie Mobile.  We started out by going to the farmers market, which I go to every week when I'm in Troy, anyways.  My classmates and I toured the farmers market, looking at all the wonderful foods available.  We bought something for lunch, then gathered at Monument Square to eat it together while discussing our findings.

Then, we walked over to the old Pioneer Food Co-op and heard the sad story of the demise of the co-op, and possible reasons for its failure.  We then split up and walked around the surrounding blocks, counting numbers and types of food stores.  We met up again and took the 80 bus to the Sanctuary stop.

"Grant enables Media Alliance to share helpful skills with youth" (Troy Record)

Andrew Beam from the Troy Record recently stopped by Youth Media Sanctuary during a Community Lunch to speak to the youth, volunteers, and Media Alliance organizers about the programing and recent grant awards. Check out the article and video here.


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